Version v7.9.7

With KeePass Client v7.9.7

Release Date

Aug 15th, 2018

These Release Notes detail the differences between this release and the previous version.

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Upgrade Instructions

Please Note

  • As of Version 7.9.0, HTTP SSO will become a legacy module, only available to service plans purchased prior to this release. Other SSO modules will still be available.

New Feature: Security Zones and Elevation

  • Available in Enterprise+
  • Allows authorized users ability to elevate to a increased level of access when required, while using normal daily user/role permission for day-to-day tasks.
  • Create Zones to manage access to privileged Folder/Entry or Admin Settings.
    • Zones are managed from Users and Roles > Manage > Zones
  • Authorized users can reauthenticate to Elevate their session and temporarily acquire access to the folders, entries and admin pages included in a Zone.
    • The Elevation page can be found at Hello, [UserName] > Elevate Session
  • See our documentation for more information.

New Feature: Request and Approval

  • Available in Enterprise+
  • Allows authorized users to request specific access to Folders/Entries, and for designated approvers to be notified, view, and Approve/Deny the request.
  • The Access Approvals permission designates which users will be trusted as Approvers.
    • Access Approvals is a Role permission and can be set from Users and Role > Manage > Roles
  • Users with Grant Access on folders and entries can delegate approving Requests to Users and/or Roles with the Access Approval permission as Approvers. A Granter can make themselves an Approver.
    • Approvers are managed from Folder or Entry Actions > User Access > Access Approvals tab
    • Granters can only allow approvals for Access Levels that they can grant.
    • Approvers will be able to approve Requests for the assigned Access Level plus any levels that the assigned level can grant.
  • Users with Request Access on folders and entries will be able to request an Access Level, provided there is a someone who can Approve it.
  • Users with the Access Approvals permission can see the Access Approval and will receive messages via the Web Client and Email (if configured) when there is a new Request.
  • See our documentation for more information


New Feature: SAML Single Sign On Service

  • Available in Enterprise+SSO
  • Password Server can be configured to accept Authentication from other trusted Identity Providers, via the SAML protocol
    • SAML and SAML Partner Configuration is managed via Users and Roles > Manage External Authentication > Authentication Services
  • See our documentation for more information

API Update

  •  API v5 is included in this release.  New Features include:
    • Separate endpoints for entry Attachments
    • New endpoint for UserFavourites
    • Entry and Folder PATCH requests.
  • All API v4 endpoints will remain available, but will not recieve further updates.
  • See our documentation for more information.


  •  The Administer Users permission has been broken up into many individual permissions for more granular control of user management.
    • Display of the role permissions has ben enhanced
    • The Administer Permissions permission is considered a root permission: the system requires at least one user with this permission, preferably a local user (ie. not imported from a Directory). This permission gives access to system permissions.
  • Some Navigation Bar items have been moved:
    • Database Backup and Restore have been moved from Advanced to Settings
    • Report Scheduling has been moved from Advanced > Email to Reports > Scheduling
    • Advanced Folders has been moved from Settings to Advanced > Folders, and renamed to System Folders
    • Private Folders has been moved from Users and Roles to Advanced > Folders
    • Enrollment Report has been renamed to Enrollment Status
  • Improved performance:
    • When following links to folders and entries in the Web Client
    • Enrollment Status page load speed has been improved.

Bug Fixes

  • Users with a policy that prevents them from modifying their Display Name, Email and Phone Number can now Edit their Account settings to change their Language and Starting Folder
  • Fixed an issue where User Access could not be changed in IE 11
  • Fixed a minor display issue with the Email Subscription page in FireFox

Known Issues

  • Bug: Error when deleting an entry in KeePass for Pleasant. Fixed in version 7.9.8
  • Bug: May receive an error when importing users. Fixed in version 7.9.9

Compatibility Notes

  • none