Version v7.6.0

With KeePass Client v7.6.0

Release Date

Jan 3rd, 2017

These Release Notes detail the differences between this release and the last version of any type.

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Upgrade Instructions

New Feature: Editable Email Templates

  • Available in Enterprise+ under Advanced > Email > Email Templates
  • Allows administrators to edit the text of the emails sent by Password Server.

New Feature: Direct Linking

  • Can now link directly to Entries in the Web Client
  • In KeePass for Password Server:
    • Right-Click Entry/Folder > Open in Web Client OR Copy Link to Entry/Folder
    • Right-Click Entry > View History Now opens Entry History dialog on main Web Client page
  • In Web Client:
    • Home page > Actions > Copy Link to Entry
    • Home page  > Folder Actions > Copy Link to Folder


  • Reorganized layout of Admin functionality.
    • Settings page sections have moved:
      • Private Folder Settings are now under Users and Roles > Manage > Private Folders
      • General, Email and Appearance Settings are all under Settings
      • SSO Settings are now under SSO Server > SSO Settings
    • Client Config is now under Advanced > Clients > Client Configuration
    • Password Profiles are now under Advanced > Entries > Password Profiles
    • Current License information is now under License > Status
    • Subscription Settings are now under License > Email Subscription
  • Added the News Feed and Version Information to License > Status
  • News Feed and New Version Information visibility can be toggled from Settings > General
  • The display of a redirection page can be toggled from Settings > General
  • The number of used and available users is now displayed on Users and Roles > Manage > Users
    • Options in Settings > General warn admin when the number of available seats drops below a set amount.
  • Password Access Report has been renamed to User Access History Report and moved under Access Reports.
  • New Report:
    • Password Access History: Displays all users who have accessed a credential over a given time period.
      • Can also be accessed from Actions > Access History on an Entry in the Web Client.
  • Membership of local Roles can now be edited from Users and Roles > Roles > Actions > Set Users
  • Our Google Authenticator Two-Factor implementation now supports Self Enrollment.
    • To enable Self Enrollment:
      • Go to Users and Role > Manage > Policies and click the name of the Policy to enable it for
      • Click the [Configure] link for Google Authenticator (Two Factor Policy section). Make sure "User Can Self-Enroll in this Provider" is checked off.
  • Administrators can now specify the full file path for automated backups.
    • This allows backing up to another machine over a network.
  • When Blocking Access Inheritance for entries and folders, users will now have the option to add the current access rules directly to the blocked item. They can be deleted once it has been ensured that access has been set up properly.
  • The "Use Password SSO Server" role permission has been phased out.  The system will now only check if the user has "Use Via SSO" access to an entry when they attempt to sign in with SSO.

Bug Fixes

  • Minor fixes in Web and KeePass Clients.

Known Issues

  • On rare occasion after a version upgrade, the main home page screen remains on "loading..." which can be resolved by clearing the browser's cache (or page refresh: CTRL + F5 or CMD + R)

Compatibility Notes

  • KeePass Clients v6.0.1 and older will not be able to perform actions that require usage comments, although other functions will continue working. Upgrade the client installations.
  • Internet Explorer 8 is no longer supported in Password Server Version ≥ 7.0.1