Version v7.9.6

With KeePass Client v7.9.5

Release Date

July 19th, 2018

These Release Notes detail the differences between this release and the previous version.

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Upgrade Instructions

Please Note: 

  • As of Version 7.9.0, HTTP SSO will become a legacy module, only available to service plans purchased prior to this release. Other SSO modules will still be available.

New Feature: AD/LDAP Entry Import

  • Available in Enterprise+
  • Password Auto Changer has undergone a major revision.
    • Credential Hosts have been renamed to External Entry Hosts and are now all managed from a central location in Advanced > Entries > External Entry Hosts
    • If you already have configured an Active Directory connection for importing Users, you can reuse this configuration by creating a User Directory Host.
    • Last and Next Sync times are now visible in the Entry Details dialog
  • Entry information can now be imported from AD, LDAP and User Directory External Entry Host¬†types.
    • Folder Actions > Import Entry
    • Requires Modify PasswordAutoChange Settings access on the Folder and an External Entry Host that has been configured with Admin Credentials.
  • See our documentation for more information.

KeePass Client Update

  • The KeePass for Pleasant Client has been updated and is now based on KeePass 2.39.1


  • A custom password can now be set when exporting a .kdbx file from the KeePass for Pleasant Client
  • Auto-Import from User Directory now works with KeePass for Pleasant and Password Server Mobile app logins.
    • First login must include the Directory alias configured in Password Server (eg. MyUser@MyDirectoryAlias)
  • Automatic Directory Syncs and Health Checks can now be scheduled from the Action menus on the Manage Directories page.
  • Directory User Status will now by synced from their Directory during sign in and manual sync.
    • Directory Users that have been Disabled in AD will now be marked as Disabled in Password Server.
    • Directory Users that cannot be found during a sync will now be automatically marked as Disconnected and can be reconnected to the Directory account from the Action menus on the Manage Users page.
  • Performance improvements for Web Client initial loading and Folder navigation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed and issue where Grant Archive Access Level Permissions were not being applied.
  • Fixed an issue where new Comment and Notification Triggers could not be added.
  • Custom Logging Filters that filter on a specific user, no longer prevent that user from being deleted.

Known Issues

  • The testing of AD/LDAP connections using TLS/SSL certificates has been improved, with additional checks, however the error message may be unclear. If you are running into this problem, try Basic Authentication with "using SSL" turned off.
  • There may be a delay in the upgrade process from earlier versions, as data tables are optimizing for performance.

Compatibility Notes

  • none