Version 6.4.12

With KeePass Client v5.0.2

Release Date

October 31, 2014


  • For new installs, the Block Inheritance permissions has been removed from the "Full + Grant" Access Level as several users have accidentally misused the feature Block Inheritance feature.  Existing users should consider disabling the same permission if they do not intend to use it or if they think that some users may be prone to accidental misuse.  
  • Entries now sorted by name
  • Clicking on the words "In Use" now brings up a balloon telling you where the Access Level is being used
  • You can now edit the names of Access Levels that are "In Use" 
  • You can now delete a Security Permission on yourself if you have at least as much access from another Permission
  • You can now hover over grid items in the web client and read the contents without having to expand the entry

Bug Fix

  • Fixed bug where the enter key would submit the Add Entry dialog
  • Fixed bugs related to password changes done in KeePass for the user's master password
  • Fixed bug where "None" client config rules were being ignored
  • Fixed bug that would cause conflicts using the Proxy service on the hosting machine
  • Fixed unusual KeePass error messages that were a problem in Pleasant KeePass 5.0.1
  • Various minor display issues

Known Issues

  • The iOS version of the Password Server mobile client does not work with self-signed SSL certificates--this includes the default SSL certificate packaged with Password Server.  You must install a verifiable certificate or iOS will not allow the client to connect.  If you are evaluating password server you can connect the mobile client to a live demo site.  Click here for more details.
  • Some features of the Web Client do not work in IE8 and older
  • Some UI components do not function properly when the administrative site is browsed using "Compatibility View" in Internet Explorer. Disabling this will correct the issue.