Version v7.2.3

With KeePass Client v7.2.3

Release Date

Nov 24, 2015

These Release Notes detail the differences between this release and the last version of any type.


  • Automated database backup is now available for Enterprise users.
    • Schedule automatic backups.
    • Restore from backed up databases.
    • Migrate backed up data between databases and across database providers.
    • See Database Backup and Restore for more information.
    • Note: Upgrading users may need to reactivate their software from the License tab to enable this feature.
  • Auto-Type for the Mac Client can now be enabled by installing the Pleasant Auto-Type extension from the Client Download page in Password Server.
  • New Client added
    • Password Safe for Pleasant Password Server: An alternative Windows desktop client that can connect to Password Server.
    • See Password Safe Desktop Client for more information including differences from the standard Password Safe software.
  • New Report added
    • Password Access Report: See which passwords a user accessed within a given time period.
    • See Reports for more information.
  • Support for Auto-Type pattern overrides in KeePass at the Folder level has been added to the KeePass Client.
  • Various improvements to error handling in the API and KeePass Client.
  • Sped up Offline Sync times.
  • Various visual improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Access Frequency Report would show all zeros for Directory Users.
  • Fixed an issue where Roles that had a Client Config assigned could not be deleted.
  • Fixed an issue where changes to Password Profiles, and User log outs were not being logged
  • Fixed an issue where an extra Update event was logged when Moving a Credential Group
  • Fixed an issue where Permission Set Update and SMTP Config Update events would be logged when saving their respective forms without making any changes.
  • Fixed an issue where the Historical Password Fetched event would fire whenever a user selected a revision in the credential's history rather then when the password was actually fetched.

Known Issues 

  • Old versions of Client apps that do not support the Usage Comment feature will not be able to perform actions that have "require comments" turned on.  Make sure you also have the latest KeePass Client if you wish to use these features.
  • Nested AD/LDAP groups cannot be imported in Password Server Version 7.0.1 - 7.3.x.
  • Internet Explorer 8 is no longer supported in Password Server Version ≥ 7.0.1.