Version v7.9.10

With KeePass Client v7.9.10

Release Date

Oct 2nd, 2018

These Release Notes detail the differences between this release and the previous version.

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Upgrade Instructions

Please Note

  • As of Version 7.9.0, HTTP SSO will become a legacy module, only available to service plans purchased prior to this release. Other SSO modules will still be available.


  • Improved security of system SMTP account credentials and Database Backup encryption keys.
  • A default Password Profile can now be set from Advanced > Entries > Password Profiles.  When a new credential is created in the Web Client, it will have a password generated from the Default Profile.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error that prevented the saving of the Global Policy Settings page.
  • Whitespace in Directory Distinguished Names no longer prevents users from importing, logging in or syncing.
  • Fixed an issue where a user would be unable to see individual entries they have been granted access to if they did not have access on the folder as well.
  • Fixed an issue where attachments could not be exported from KeePass for Pleasant Password Server and attachment information was not showing in the columns.
  • Copying and Pasting Entries in KeePass for Pleasant Password Server is working again.

Known Issues

  • Potential upgrade conversion issue for customers migrating from version 7.8.3. First upgrade to version 7.9.9 then to version 7.9.10.
  • Potential delay in the upgrade process when migrating from earlier versions (before 7.9.6), as data tables are optimizing for performance.

Compatibility Notes

  • none