Version v7.10.9

With KeePass Client v7.10.6

Release Date

December 18th, 2019

These Release Notes detail the differences between this release and the previous version. 

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Upgrade Instructions


  • Active Directory Accounts that have been imported into Password Server can now be unlocked automatically upon resetting their passwords via Password Server.
    • This feature is available in Enterprise+ and can be enabled from the Directory Configuration.
  • When the "Enforce Partner Sign In" option is enabled, older KeePass and Mobile clients that use Password authentication will be blocked from accessing Password Server. 

 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some issues preventing the usage of External Entry Host in the Entry Import and Autochange workflows

Known Issues

  • SQLite Backup databases upgraded from 7.9.x to 7.10.x may have an unsupported datetime value, preventing the saving the full backup file.
    • By upgrading the current database to version 7.10.15, the issue will be resolved and going forward Backup files will not have an issue.
    • However, note that attempting a restore of a incomplete backup file with this datetime problem will fail.

Compatibility Notes

  • All KeePass users should use this new KeePass client (available from the Client Download tab as usual). KeePass versions before 7.9.28 are not compatible.