Version v7.11.2

With KeePass Client v7.10.23

Release Date

Dec 23st, 2020

These Release Notes detail the differences between this release and the previous version.

Download Here

Upgrade Instructions

New Client Features

Chrome Auto-Fill Plugin (Beta)

  • Now Available! from the Chrome store:

  • Chrome Plugin (Beta): 
    • Use of the plugin is disabled by default, in the Policy settings.
    • The Auto-Fill Plugin can be enabled & configured in User Policies, under Auto-Fill Extension Policy (Web App > Users and Roles)
    • For more details: see Auto-Fill Plugin
  • Browser support:

    • Chrome Browser
    • Edge (Chromium) - some features will work already
    • ... additional browser support is planned in the future
  • Main Features:

    • Flexible Admin Features: Administrators can selectively enable features for their Password Server environment.
    • Auto-Fill Logins: Users can now login to the extension, and easily fill website credentials securely retrieved from Password Server.
    • Prompt to Save Entries: Upon password changes, the extension will prompt to save changes to the entry in Password Server.
    • Do-Not-Prompt (site specific): Users can turn off the Save Prompt for websites they are not interested in saving.
    • ... for more details: see Auto-Fill Plugin
  • Main Security Features:

    • Enable/Disable plugin use (policy)
    • Secure Integration with Password Server
    • Supports 2FA/MFA
    • Cross-Site Scripting Protection
    • Domain and Subdomain Matching
    • In-time Password Retrieval (no password cache)
    • ... for more details: see Auto-Fill Plugin

Known Issues

  • KeePass SAML SSO - Problem authenticating with SSO from KeePass
    • We are working to resolve the problem as soon as possible!
  • Chrome Auto-Fill Plugin (Beta):
    • Some websites will not be fully supported yet in this initial release. Improvements coming.
    • Some styling issues, e.g. field icon placement in unusual places
    • Error handling may not be informative
    • SAML SSO problem authenticating; expecting a resolution soon.
  • If upgrading from versions 7.10.4 - 7.10.15:
    • Using a SQLite Database: Double-check that the size of the Backup files represents the full size of the original database file (PleasantPassServer.db).

Compatibility Notes

  • All KeePass users should use KeePass client version 7.10.22 or higher (available from the Client Download tab as usual); earlier versions will not be fully compatible.