Version v7.10.18

With KeePass Client v7.10.17

Release Date

June 17th, 2020

These Release Notes detail the differences between this release and the previous version.

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  • Added an administrator option to allow User Access to be set programmatically via API function calls, by an authenticated & authorized user account. This option is off and unavailable by default.
    • For more information: see User Access via the API v5.
  • Added new Load Report components and improved performance for application diagnostics. Allows smaller subsections of the report to be generated separately.
  • Added source client IP address information to Syslog logging.
  • Added ability in the web application to select and view other columns in the entry list.
  • Added a new default set of Security Questions which are available in new database installs.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a scheduled task processing issue that may generate logging errors in MS-SQL databases.
  • Fixed an issue with a SQLite datetime format problem which resulted in a KeePass connection error with 500 message: "Remote server returned an error".
  • Hide"Forgot Password" on login page when no Challenge policies allow password resets.

Known Issues

  • If upgrading from a previous 7.10.x version with a SQLite database, double-check that the size of the Backup files represents the full size of the original database file (PleasantPassServer.db). Rarely there may have existed an unsupported date-time value, preventing the saving the full backup file. This is resolved in the latest versions.

Compatibility Notes

  • All KeePass users should use KeePass client version 7.10.17 (available from the Client Download tab as usual); KeePass versions before 7.10.17 are not compatible.