Version v7.3.5

With KeePass Client v7.3.1 (no change)

Release Date

Jan 20th, 2016

These Release Notes detail the differences between this release and the last version of any type.

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  • Improved the performance of the credential tree on the Web Client.
  • Web Client language is now selectable via a dropdown menu at the bottom of each page.
    • Admins can lock language settings for all users on the Settings page.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where UI was not working on the Import Users page with German Translations.
  • Corrected a regression where the Google Two-Factor secret was not available to users with an offline install of Password Server.
  • Fixed an issue where Password Reset could succeed erroneously when all reset questions were displayed at the same time during answering.
  • Fixed an issue where Reset Enrollment reminder emails could have broken links.
  • Fixed an issue of an incorrect error message repeating in log files
  • Fixed an issue where an unsuccessful Backup or Restore operation on SQLite could prevent other background operations, such as Notifications, from firing.
  • Fixed an issue where an unsuccessful Restore operation on MS SQL Server or PostgreSQL could lock up Password Server indefinitely.

Known Issues 

  • KeePass Clients v6.0.1 and older will not be able to perform actions that require usage comments.
  • Nested AD/LDAP groups cannot be imported in Password Server Version 7.0.1 - 7.3.x.
  • Internet Explorer 8 is no longer supported in Password Server Version ≥ 7.0.1.