Version v7.9.4

With KeePass Client v7.9.3

Release Date

Jun 19th, 2018

These Release Notes detail the differences between this release and the previous version.

This release fixes an issue found shortly after v7.9.3 was released.  Given the short window between these releases, these Release Notes include the items from v7.9.3.

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Upgrade Instructions

Please Note

  • As of Version 7.9.0, HTTP SSO will become a legacy module, only available to service plans purchased prior to this release. Other SSO modules will still be available.

New Feature: Client IP Filtering

  • Available in Enterprise+
  • Enabled in Users and Roles > Manage > Policies > Policy Create/Edit > IP Filter Policy
  • Can be used to create blacklists or whitelists to control from where users can access the Password Server
    • Based on IP Address of an incoming Sign In request, the Server can Deny or Allow the user, or even let them bypass Two-Factor Requirements to keep internal access quick while still enforcing extra requirements on external access.


  • Role permissions have been categorized, and now align better with features in the web application pages.  This update converts the old permission structure to the equivalent new permission structure.
  • Added Custom Quick Filters with some preset standards, to the Logged Events page.
  • RADIUS Two Factor Authentication can now be configured to send an initial request.
  • Improvements to XSS prevention.
  • Added support for choosing between Archive and Delete from Server when deleting Entries and Folders in KeePass.
  • AD/LDAP user roles will be re-adjusted when updating users or roles from the Directory.
  • Added UI to select Client Certificates for authentication in KeePass under Advanced Options.
  • Updated UI for some standard web client controls.

Bug Fixes

  • (7.9.4) Fixed an issue in version 7.9.3 where events logged by users going through the API recorded as anonymous.
  • Fixed an issue that caused KeePass to re-prompt for Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Reset User sign in and Enrollment.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate Entries would appear in KeePass Offline mode.

Known Issues

  • none

Compatibility Notes

  • none