RESTful API v5

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(Version 7.9.7+)


Service Models (API v5)


 Differences Between v4 and v5

  • UserAccess endpoints have been added.
  • Entries and Folders endpoints have been added as aliases to Credential and CredentialGroup respectively.
    • APIv5 Documentation will refer to Entries and Folders to remain consistent with the nomenclature used in the rest of the user documentation, but the old endpoints can still be used in v5.
  • Entries and Folders endpoints can accept PATCH requests in order to selectively update particular properties of an entry or folder.
  • Usage comments are now included in the request body outside of the object being created or updated, rather than inside it. See the Service Models for more details.
  • Attachments are no longer sent down automatically with an entry and must now be requested separately via the Attachments endpoint.
  • CredentialGroupOffline is now obsolete. Use OfflinePackage instead.