Version v7.8.3 (Stable)

With KeePass Client v7.8.0

Release Date

Mar 1st, 2018

These Release Notes detail the differences between this release and the previous Stable version.

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The following security concerns have been addressed in this release:

  • Vulnerability Patch
    • Summary:
      • Additional information could be made accessible by leveraging existing authorized access and access information. Improvements have been made to Password Server's handling of user-related security information.
      • In a local security context, insufficient output controls could allow an authenticated user opportunity to exploit handling system information, by entering values into the system.
      • End-user authorized auto-fill of password credentials by browser or browser plugin could potentially be leveraged by a third-party script running on the same local website domain.
      • A knowledgeable person with access to a previously accessed and unsecured Password Server machine could leverage information to gain entry into the application.
    • Status:
      • This update resolves these concerns, along with the optional risk mitigation step of disabling auto-fill.
      • Companies will be given 3 months to deploy this patch, before more specific information is disclosed.


  • Acknowledgements: Pleasant Solutions would like to thank Profundis Labs for their security audit and for their participation and cooperation with us, in protecting our customers.

New Feature: Favourites Folders

  • Available in Enterprise+
  • Configured in Settings > Advanced Folders
  • Favourite entries can be selected in the Web Client by clicking on the Star icon that appears in the Entry grid and viewed in either the Web Client or KeePass
  • If a user has selected favourites, a Favourites folder will display above the Root folder


  • Can now copy entry username and open the password copy dialog from the right-click context menu in the Web Client.
  • Users with a Reset Challenge Policy who have not met the requirements for that policy will now see a message informing them to complete enrollment to ensure they can reset.
  • The 'Forgot Password' link on the login page can now be hidden in Enterprise+ from Settings > Appearance
  • The 'Help' link in the site header can now be hidden in Enterprise+ from Settings > Appearance
  • The folder that the web client starts on can now be set on Settings > Advanced Folders
    • If the admin has set the starting folder to User Preference, then users can change this setting via Hello, [username] > Manage Account > Edit > Starting Folder
  • NAS Identifier or IP Address can now be set for RADIUS Two Factor configurations
  • All Reports with date range parameters now allow leaving a date field blank, to include events that occur since the very start, or events up until the current moment.
  • Numerous Security and UI improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Directory User Roles are now always checked using the credentials supplied in the directory config
  • Fixed an issue where null Custom Field values could be saved into a Credential via the API, causing errors when read in the KeePass client
  • Fixed an issue where the Two Factor Token dialog in KeePass would not always receive focus.
  • Fixed an issue where the Copy Password dialog would not appear in Tag or Favourites folders.
  • Right-click context menus in the Users and Roles grids now display the correct Actions again.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent a user from changing their personal language setting.
  • The search field on the Web Client now properly recognizes Unicode characters.

Known Issues

  • Upgrading from Versions 7.6.5 and earlier: Following a security improvement in 7.6.6, Enterprise Edition installs may require a change to their Access Levels to retain pre-update capabilities: See Can Only Grant Read-Only Permissions.

Compatibility Notes

  • none