Version v7.11.9

With KeePass Client v7.10.23
With Auto-Fill Plugin v0.90.2

Release Date

Apr 21st, 2021

These Release Notes detail the differences between this release and the previous version.

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Upgrade Instructions


Two security concerns have been addressed in this release.

  • Vulnerability Patch:
    • This update resolves these concerns. 
    • A summary will be provided soon. Companies will be given 6 months to deploy this patch, before more specific information is disclosed.


  • Added Report export to CSV for the following reports: Access Frequency, Attachment Report, Password Access History, Password Age, Password Expiry, Password Strength, and User Access History
  • Added a filter on roles to User Access History Report and changed the report's name to Access History Report.
  • Added a performance improvement option which loads pre-calculations of user permissions at time of login. Currently this can be toggled with a database modification. Later an admin option setting will be made available. Contact us for more details.
  • Banner warnings will now only inform users of Stable release versions which have been out for at least 60 days.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem where a blank User Display name may cause an error.
  • Fixed an email settings problem where password may be cleared.

Known Issues

  • Chrome Auto-Fill Plugin:
    • Some environments have some connection / auto-fill issues; Improvements coming.
    • Some website logins are not yet fully supported; Improvements coming.
    • Some styling issues, e.g. field icon placement 
  • If upgrading from versions 7.10.4 - 7.10.15:
    • Using a SQLite Database: double-check the Backup file size represents the full size of original database file (ProgramData folder: PleasantPassServer.db).

Compatibility Notes

  • KeePass client version 7.10.22 or higher are compatible; earlier versions are not fully compatible.
  • Server version 7.11.6 is the min compatible version for Auto-Fill plugin in Chrome version 88 or higher.
  • Auto-Filler extension version 0.90.2 is the min compatible version in Chrome version 88 or higher.
    • It is also compatible with upcoming versions 89 & 90 (Chrome Beta & Dev channel releases).