Finding Historic Versions

It is possible to download previous version of Password Server and the corresponding KeePass Client.

DISCLAIMER: We do not officially support "downgrading" (returning to an older version of Password Server
after using a newer one, while preserving any changed data). Although doing so will sometimes work, data
corruption is always a possibility.

Instead, we recommend making frequent backups and restoring using the same version that made the backup.

If you need to attempt a downgrade, export & backup your information, uninstall your current version, remove/replace your database, install the desired version, and re-import your information.

Be aware: that by downloading and using an older version of any software, you may be at risk due to security patches and missing bugfixes. We recommend using the Latest or Stable versions of our software

Password Server Downloads

Current Password Server Versions


Previous Password Server Versions

  • Previous Versions (
    • Enter this URL, replacing the number format with your version: #.#.#.#, eg.

https:break URL autogen//

  • Select Versions Only (only and
    • These two versions are only available from these links:

https:break URL autogen//

KeePass for Pleasant Client

The KeePass for Pleasant Client version which best corresponds to your Password Server version can be downloaded from the following locations. Release notes will also indicate a "KeePass Client" version.

  • Best Corresponding download:
    • Client Download tab, in the Web browser application
  • Versions
    • Use Password Server version, format: #.#.#.#, eg.

https:break URL autogen//

Version Compatibility Chart

KeePass Clients for Pleasant may not be compatible with other versions of Pleasant Password Server.

We suggest using the recommended KeePass version for the server by downloading from the Client Download tab.

KeePass versions are not forward compatible: generally newer KeePass versions will not work on older Server versions.

Compatibility Chart

These are the compatibility levels for KeePass client version to Server version. The KeePass client must be on the same level as the Server for full compatibility. Note: Recent versions have included many cross-compatibility changes.

  • 7.11.43 - 
  • [7.11.22 - 7.11.41] - For each of these versions, update KeePass to the same respective version
  • 7.10.14 - 7.11.19
  • 7.10.22 - 7.11.30
  • 7.9.23 - 7.10.21
  • 7.8.3 - 7.9.21
  • 7.6.0 - 7.8.2
  • 6.0.0 - 7.5.15
  • 4.0.0 - 5.0.3
  • 3.1.0+
  • 3.0.x
  • 2.x 

Version Changes (release notes)