Version v8.1.7

With KeePass Client v8.1.4

Release Date

Nov 23, 2023

These Release Notes detail the differences between this release and the last stable release.

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Upgrade Instructions


  • Removed unnecessary HTTP security request headers.
  • Added security request headers modifications.


  • Better support for trusted devices with Azure SSO with KeePass or the Edge browser.
  • Install IISExpress version 10.
  • Login window change: defaulted option to display the login window in the main window and avoid a login popup window.
  • Require 15 minutes minimum for AD synchronization attempts.
  • Removed Grant Authorization prompts in client apps.
  • Copying folders and entries will not append "- copy" to the items, only to the main folder.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which may cause problems with KeePass login or connection.
  • Fixed an issue which may cause performance delays with KeePass initial load.
  • Resolved SAML SSO IdP-initiated login.
  • Fixed an issue which may cause compatibility problems with login using an internal proxy.
  • Fixed an issue which may cause "Keep Access Permissions" to fail.
  • Fixed an issue where UPN domain appear twice.
  • Removed redundant "ambient context" warnings in file error logs.
  • Fixed Syslog port limit.

Known Issues

  • Bug: logging the KeePass Refresh event
    • When the Refresh button is logged in KeePass, the event occurs as expected but does not display in the audit events. This display problem is temporary for this release and expect the resolution in the next release.
  • KeePass client File Size:

    • KeePass desktop install file size: 370 MB.
      • Includes WebView2 component with the benefits of rigorous OAuth authentication methods, application proxy, mitigation of security issues, and reducing potential install failures.
      • Future: using the machine's default browser will bring the large file size back down to previous levels. 
  • Stalled Install progress:

    • The installation requires .NET 4.8 framework files as a prerequisite (see section below)
    • If the file installation process is stalled after 10 minutes, stop, restart the machine, and restart the install. The files have now been added and the install will now complete.

Compatibility Notes

  • KeePass:
    • KeePass for Pleasant users must upgrade to 8.0.8 or higher

  • Server: requires .NET 4.8

    • The Upgrade may try to download these .NET 4.8 files from the internet for the upgrade, if they are not already installed:
    • Installing this one-time package prerequisite before install/upgrade will ensure the install process is smooth.