Version v8.1.8

With KeePass Client v8.1.4

Release Date

Jan 25, 2024

These Release Notes detail the differences between this release and the last release.

Download Here

Upgrade Instructions

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Login System Message Window bug.
  • Replaced 2FA QR code chart component.
  • Fixed potential errors in automated processes.

Known Issues

  • KeePass client File Size:
    • KeePass desktop install file size: 370 MB.
      • Includes WebView2 component with the benefits of rigorous OAuth authentication methods, application proxy, security protections, and reduction of possible install failures.
      • Future: use of the default browser will reduce file size. 
  • Stalled Install progress:

    • Install Prerequisite: the install requires .NET 4.8 framework files (see section below)
    • If the file installation process is stalled after 10 minutes, stop, restart the machine, and restart the install. The files have now been added and the install will now complete.
  • Logging KeePass Refresh event

    • The Refresh button event occurs as expected but will not display in the audit events. This is temporary for this release; expect resolution in a future release soon.

Compatibility Notes

  • KeePass:
    • KeePass for Pleasant users must upgrade to 8.0.8 or higher

  • Server requires .NET 4.8

    • The upgrade will attempt to download .NET 4.8 files via the internet if not already installed:
    • However, installing this one-time package prerequisite is installed before install/upgrade will ensure the install process is smooth.