Version v7.11.38

With KeePass Client v7.11.38

Release Date

Nov 28th, 2022

These Release Notes detail the differences between this release and the previous Stable.

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The following security concerns have been addressed in this release:

  • Vulnerability Patch
    • Summary:
      • Additional information could theoretically allow an authenticated user opportunity to take advantage of leveraging existing authorized access and access information.
      • In a specific security context, insufficient output controls could allow an authenticated user opportunity to exploit handling very specific system information with specialized data values.
      • In a localized security context, insufficient safeguard could allow an authenticated user to store data for system retrieval outside of intended user parameters.
    • Status:
      • This update resolves these concerns.
      • Companies will be given months to deploy this patch, before more specific information is disclosed.


  • Framework JavaScript library updates
  • Improved compatibility for KeePass Client WebView2 component for installation.
    • Full offline install includes all files. 
    • Important Notes:
      • The Microsoft WebView2 component supports OAuth authentication methods. The KeePass desktop install file size: 372 MB
    • The industry has come to also better support native browsers with OAuth methods, which is the expected direction for the future.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Private Folders may not be accessible in Offline Cache in the performance mode where pre-calculation is turned off.
  • Fixed KeePass TOTP field value & display issues.

Compatibility Notes

  • All users must upgrade to KeePass client version 7.11.38.
  • Server version 7.11.11 is min requirement for Auto-Fill plugin.