Manually Backup Pleasant Password Server

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(Community / Versions 3.5 - 7.1.20)

Below are the steps to manually backup, or the related links to auto-backup your Pleasant Password Server & Database.

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Please Note:

  • Remember to backup your connection string, for SQLite database backups.
  • The steps below only apply to the default SQLite database. Otherwise, see the following official links:

The connection string can be accessed through the new Service Configuration utility, described below.

This key is required to access your encrypted database (all databases are encrypted from version 3.5.0, even databases create prior to 3.5.0 and later upgraded to 3.5.0 or newer). For versions 3.5.0 and newer, complete SQLite database backups require an additional step (SQLite is the default database type for standard installs). The connection string information, including the database encryption key, is stored in the registry.

For more information: see items NOT included in your database.

Backup procedure

  1. Stop the Password Server service (copying a "live" database can cause corruption).
  2. Run the Service Configuration utility.
  3. Click Database Configuration.
  4. Copy the entire contents of the Connection String field to a text file (named to reflect your current version of Password Server) in a safe location. To ensure you have copied everything, expand the width of this window to see all of the text before copying.
  5. Copy your SQLite database file (where is it?) to a safe location, naming the backup to reflect your current version of Password Server (to make sure you restore using the same version).
  6. Close the Service Configuration utility.
  7. Start the Password Server service.

Restore procedure

  1. Make sure you're running the same version of Password Server as produced the backup. If you aren't, install it after making a backup and uninstalling your current version.
  2. Stop the Password Server service.
  3. Run the Service Configuration utility.
  4. Click Database Configuration.
  5. Replace the contents of the Connection String field with your previously-backed-up connection string.
  6. Ensure that SQLite is selected from the Database Provider drop down menu.
  7. Copy your previously-backed-up SQLite database file to the location specified by the Connection String field.
  8. Click Save Changes and close the Service Configuration utility.
  9. Start the Password Server service.


WARNING: It is important that the service be stopped when overwriting the SQLite database file, as the database file may be locked if the service is currently working with it, but more importantly, the default configuration of Pleasant Password Server saves the SQLite database in a location that Windows protects with the Virtual Store.

For more information about the Virtual Store, visit and scroll down to 6. Virtual Store.

Locating your SQLite database

The default database location is:

  • Version 7+: %ProgramData%\Pleasant Solutions\Password Server\PleasantPassServer.db
  • Version 1-6: %ProgramData%\Pleasant Solutions

Note: %ProgramData% is a hidden folder

Changing your Database Location

An administrator can change the database type & location. To verify the location:

  • Run the Service Configuration utility
  • Click Database Configuration
  • The SQLite Connection String will look like this:
    • Version 7+
      • Data Source=[DataFolder];Key=aes256:ALPHANUMERIC_SEQUENCE
      • The [DataFolder] location is: %ProgramData%\Pleasant Solutions\Password Server
    • Versions 1-6
      • Data Source=[AppDataRoamingPleasant];Key=aes256:ALPHANUMERIC_SEQUENCE
      • The [AppDataRoamingPleasant] location is: %ProgramData%\Pleasant Solutions