Version v7.11.28

With KeePass Client v7.11.28

Release Date

April 13th, 2022

These Release Notes detail the differences between this release and the previous version.

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Upgrade Instructions

New Feature

  • Provides ability to store Authenticator Key (TOTP) values on an Entry.
    • When this value is entered, the Entry will then immediately start generating and displaying the 2-Factor Authentication codes of 6-digits (or more) length. This feature is released first in both the Web Client application and KeePass desktop application at this time.


  • DUO RADIUS 2FA better handles "Push" with a new 2FA Provider specifically for DUO.
  • "Move" action will better facilitate and handle moves of items between folders.
    • Allowing moves if the user has Create + Delete + Grant permissions
    • Requests confirmation of the change
    • And if access changes are permitted, an alert is displayed indicating the access that will be changing.
  • Adjust KeePass login window size to better accommodate 2FA source selection and other browser messages.
  • Require user acceptance to system security message.

Bug Fixes

  • A Password Auto Changer component is improved for compatibility with protocols on newer Linux/Unix type systems.

Compatibility Notes

  • All users should upgrade to KeePass client version 7.11.28 or later.