Next Steps

See why customers enjoy using Pleasant Password Server with a KeePass client

After installation of the Pleasant Password Server, there are some steps you can take to navigate to your new site, and further configure your application.

Here are some next steps:

  1. Access the Pleasant Password Server administration site https://localhost:10001

    • You will see a warning in your browser because the certificate does not match the address of the website.
    • You can safely ignore this warning or add a permanent exception for this website.
    • Refer to our online documentation for more help in configuring certificates.
  2. Log in

  3. Configure your Server's Email Settings

  4. Download and install the KeePass client

    • Go to the Client Downloads tab
    • Click the link to download the KeePass client.
    • View our online documentation here for more information on setting up the KeePass client.
  5. Use Pleasant Password Server

You're Done!

Visit our online documentation for more information like:
  1. Advanced Configuration

    • Changing the port number used
    • Setting up certificates
    • Using a different database
  2. How to import your data
    • Passwords from a previous install or other products
    • Users from Active Directory & other LDAP systems
  3. Need Help?