New Blank Install

See why customers choose Pleasant Password Server with a KeePass client

Sometimes when just starting out, if you have made a mistake in your installation or setup, it's easiest to just start again fresh with a brand new install. Here are those steps...

Start a New Blank Database

  1. Log into your Server machine with Windows administrator permissions
  2. Stop Pleasant Password Service
  3. Locate database file (via your connection string)
  4. Rename/delete database file
  5. (Optionally) Remove all traces
  6. Start Pleasant Password Service
  7. Open Pleasant Password Server (https://localhost:10001)
  8. Login with: admin/admin

Another Way

Another way to get a new blank database is to upgrade your database type to a Relational Database (MS-SQL, PostgreSQL). This is recommended if you plan on having a large number of concurrent users.

Next Steps

After that, what steps should I do next?  Read the Next Steps page.