Redirect HTTP Requests to HTTPS

Users prefer Pleasant Password Server with a KeePass client!

It is possible to redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS and to drop the port number, when specifying the web address for Pleasant Password Server.


  • By default the address is:
    • https://YourServerName.YourDomain:10001
    • YourServerName is either the machine name running Password Server, or just localhost on the same machine
    • YourDomain provides the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN), which is necessary in some cases (see below)
    • 10001 is the port it is running on
  • But your users may appreciate the simplicity of typing this:
    • http://YourServerName.YourDomain

Alternative Methods

There are various methods to redirect to HTTPS:

  • Method 1:
  • Method 2:
  • Method 3:

    • Set up an IIS redirect, to direct incoming requests from:
      • https://<server-name-and-domain> to https://<server-name-and-domain>:<port-number>
    • Example: DNS Aliases with HTTP Redirection (external link) 
  • Method 4: 

    • Use a public FQDN with an official certificate
    • If necessary, setup the public FQDN in the internal DNS (split DNS)
    • Change the port to 443
      • Will allow the browser/client URL to display without the port number.
      • Note: that this change will only redirect all HTTPS traffic to Password Server, which in some cases is not advisable.
    • (optionally) Redirect port 80 to 443 (using method 1 or 2)
      • This is necessary when using Let's Encrypt certificates, because the default validation is done on port 80


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