Advanced Folders

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(Version 7.8.0+, Enterprise+ or higher)

Enterprise+ Users can use Advanced Folders options to: set a Startup folder, view Favourites, and store deleted items in an Archive Folder.

Administrators have the option to selectively enable these options.


Folder Options

Advanced folders can be enabled by an administrator from the menu:

  • Advanced > System Folders


  • Archive Folder
    • Enabling will Archive the discarded folders or entries instead of permanently deleting them

  • Favourites Folder
    • Enabling will allow users to set their favourite items and view them in a favourites folder

  • Starting Folder
    • Allows users to select their default Home folder (Root, Favourites, Private Folder), or for an Administrator to default a Starting Folder for all users

  • Tags
    • Tags were created as a way to group information together by using a method similar to how twitter utilizes the hashtag.