Favourites Folder

Users prefer Pleasant Password Server with a KeePass client!

(Version 7.8.0+, Enterprise+ only)

Enterprise+ users can view items they have marked as Favourites.

Setting Up the Favourites Folder

The Favourites Folder can be enabled by an administrator from the menu:

  • Settings -> Advanced > System Folders
    • From here you can enable both Archive Entries, and Favorite folders.

Viewing Favourites

Once enabled, the Favourites folder will display at the top of a user's Home screen, above the Root folder.

In KeePass for Pleasant client, a favourites menu button will display if the user has any favourites. In the future, this virtual system folder will become part of the folder tree like in the web client.

Adding Favourites

Users can add an entry to their favourites by either:

  • Right-clicking on an entry -> select "Add to Favourites"
  • Clicking the star icon on the entry


The star will indicate that the entry has been added to favourites

All favourite entries will display in the Favourites Folder.

Removing Favourites

An entry can be removed from the Favourites Folder by:

  • Right-clicking on an entry -> select "Remove from Favourites"
  • Unselecting the star indicator on the entry