MSI Extraction Instructions

Use KeePass with Pleasant Password Server

This page provides instructions to extract the MSI file from our install exe's (the KeePass executable, or Server executable). 

The resulting executable MSI file(s) can then be used to install on the desired machine(s).



  1. Download, and Install: the WiX Toolset

    • The files for version 3 can be found here:

      • For more info:
    • Option A) Either download and run the installer: wix311.exe

    • Option B) Or, download and extract only the needed files from the zip file:

      • Select the files:
        • dark.exe
        • winterop.dll
        • wix.dll
      • Then place these 3 files in a new folder, for example, (where X.XX is the Wix version):

        • C:\Program Files (x86)\WiX Toolset vX.XX\bin
  2. Download: the appropriate version of exe install file(s) 

    • Place the exe file(s) into the same directory as dark.exe (where X.XX is the Wix version):

      C:\Program Files (x86)\WiX Toolset vX.XX\bin\

  3. Open Command Prompt (as administrator)

    • Search for "cmd" > Select "Command Prompt" (Run as Administrator) > Click "Yes"

  4. Run these commands

    • Use the following commands to extract the MSI file. The following is for the KeePass client executable, and the server commands will be similar:
      • For example, first Replace X.XX with the version number:

        • cd C:\Program Files (x86)\WiX Toolset vX.XX\bin\
        • dark.exe "Pleasant KeePass Client.exe" -x .  
    • SERVER: When extracting the MSI file from the server exe, notice that the Pleasant Password Server.exe is double stacked.

      • Use 7zip to view and extract the last container: in the first folder you will notice another PleasantPasswordServer.exe
      • Extract the MSI file by running Dark.exe against this file (like in step 4).
      • Prerequisites for Server Install:

        • When executing the resulting MSI file, please not that the server executable has install dependencies, which may need to be executed first, before installing Password Server. You can see these in the "Redist" folder.
  5. View the MSI File

    • CLIENT: The "Intermediate.msi" file will be in a new folder called "AttachedContainer". This can be used to install the software onto other machines.