Server Port, Network, and OSI Model

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Pleasant Password Server Network Diagram

Pleasant Password Server

Changing the Port

To change the port used by your installation of Password Server, run the Service Configuration Utility that was packaged and installed with the server. By default, it can be accessed from the Start menu:

  • Programs -> Pleasant Password Server -> Service Configuration

To change the server port, follow these steps:

  1. Start the Service Configuration Utility.
  2. Click Port Configuration.
  3. Enter the desired port in the Port Number field, replacing the existing port (the default is 10001).
  4. Click Set Port and exit the Service Configuration utility.
  5. Restart the Password Server Service
  6. Point your browser to the server address with the new port number.


Note: Configuration changes will not take effect until the Pleasant Password Server service is restarted.

This setting will persist through future updates of Pleasant Password Server. The port number will now need to be included in the URL when connecting to both the administrative web site and web client, as well as when logging in via KeePass (specified in the format [server]:[port]).

List of Ports

Function Default Port Setting Location
Server 10001 Server Configuration > Port Configuration utility
Email 587/25 Settings > Email > SMTP Port Number
Syslog 514 Logging > Syslog Configuration
AD/LDAP 389 Users & Roles > Edit Directory
AD/LDAP over SSL 636 Users & Roles > Edit Directory
SSO HTTPS 8877 SSO Server > Server Status
SSO SSH 22 SSO Server > SSO Settings
SSO RDP 7070 SSO Server > SSO Settings
SSO MSSQL 3333 SSO Server > Server Status
RADIUS 1812 Users & Roles > Manage Policies > Policy > RADIUS Configure