Entry History

Use KeePass with Pleasant Password Server

Using the web client:

  1. Navigate to the folder containing the entry.
  2. Click the Actions button in the rightmost column of the entry's row.
  3. Choose History from the drop-down menu.
  4. The Entry History window appears, containing a table with one row for each historical version ("revision") of the entry. Each row displays the revision type ("added", "modified", etc), date, and the user responsible, as well as the entry's Name and URL as of that revision.
  5. Select a revision and click Show Details to see all the entry's fields as of that revision.
  6. To revert to the version you're viewing, click Restore in the details view.
    • Reverting to a previous version doesn't delete your current version; it simply adds a new revision to the table (identical to the version you reverted to).