How Language Auto-Detection Works

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Users can pick their preferred language from a dropdown, if the Administrator has allowed "User Preference" in the Language Settings.

User Language Autodedection Dropdown

"Autodetect" picks a language as follows:

IF (browser's default language is listed in dropdown)
    use browser's default language
ELSE IF (language specified on server in Web.config is listed in dropdown)
    use language specified on server in Web.config
    use English

To specify a different default server language:

  • Find the server's Web.config file, by default found here:
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Pleasant Solutions\Pleasant Password Server\www\

  • Edit the uiCulture attribute on the globalization element:
    • <globalization culture="CODE" uiCulture="CODE" />

  • ...where CODE is one of the following values:

CODE Language
 en-US English
 de-DE German
 fr-FR French
 es-ES Spanish
 nl-NL Dutch
 ja-JP Japanese







The CODE used for Culture does not need to match the CODE used for uiCulture.

  • uiCulture - affects the language text
  • Culture - affects the date and number formats