Privilege Elevation

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(Versions 7.9.7+, Enterprise+)

This feature allows a user to gain more access during their current session.

This is done by elevating into a Zone, which enables the user to access an additional set of permissions available in the elevated session.

Elevating a Session

To elevate the current session, the user must go to the top right of the screen and select Hello, <User> Elevate Session.


From here, the user will be shown the zones they can elevate into. Each time a user tries to elevate into a zone, they will have to re-authenticate their session.


When the user selects a zone, they will be prompted to re-enter their password. 


If Two Factor is required, then there'll be another step after entering their password where the user will have to authenticate with a set up Two Factor provider. If they have multiple providers set up, then they can choose which one to authenticate with, otherwise it will use their only set up provider.


Afterwards, the user has successfully elevated their session and will remain elevated until either:

  • They manually remove their elevated session
  • They log out
  • Their session elevation is automatically removed, which is determined by the user's policy.


The user can elevate into another zone by going back into Elevate Session.

Leaving Session Elevation

To remove elevation, the user must go to the top right of the screen and select Hello, <User> > Remove Session Elevation.


After confirming the removal of elevation by selecting Remove all Elevation from current Session, the user's session will be back to its normal state. They will no longer have access to any folders, entries or pages granted to them through the zones they elevated into.