Directory Search Filters

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Below are Search Filters which you may find helpful for configuring your AD/LDAP Directory settings or for filtering your Import Users or Import Roles


From your AD/LDAP Directory, in either:

  • Directory Settings: Click directory -> Click Advanced Settings -> Search Filters | Additional User Filters
  • Import Users: Actions -> Import Users -> Click "Change Filters"
  • Import Roles: Actions -> Import Roles -> Click "Change Filters"

Enter a user filter here:


Search Filters

Import Users:

All users who are direct members of a specific Group:   * commonly useful

  • memberOf     is      CN=Test,ou=East,dc=Domain,dc=com

All members of a specified group, including in nested Groups:   * commonly useful

  • memberOf:1.2.840.113556.1.4.1941:     is     cn=Test,ou=East,dc=Domain,dc=com

All users with "primary" group "Domain Users":    * commonly useful

  • primaryGroupID    is    513

All users with "common name" starting with "M":   * commonly useful

  • CN    is    M*

All users with "primary" group other than "Domain Users":

  • primaryGroupID    is not    513


Import Roles:

All role names that contain "security":     * commonly useful

  • Name   is   *security*


Sample filters:

  • Name   is   John Horner
  • Name   is   John *
  • CN   is   John Horner
  • CN   is   John*
  • DisplayName   is   John Horner
  • DisplayName   is   *Horner
  • sAMAccountName   is   JHorner
  • sAMAccountName   is   JH*