Security Reviews

Website Documentation for your KeePass client and Pleasant Password Server

Because of our valued customers Pleasant Password Server has become one of the world's most popular systems and receives a lot of attention and scrutiny internationally.

Our product regularly undergoes security audits and security scans. These are performed using advanced knowledge and modern, sophisticated industry tools and techniques. When we receive any security related notices they are treated with due caution, sensitivity, and are elevated accordingly.

Password Server works with a strong Open Source community. We have an integrated, customized Open Source version of the KeePass client, based on the original KeePass software, which provides an important level of transparency for our customers.

Software Releases

The Product Team regularly publish latest version releases as often as monthly in many cases. These include product features, fixes, and security updates.

Multiple developers must sign off on absolutely all code changes before any release, of any type, is published.

The stable version release designation is given to a release once the Product Team has determined that it meets quality standards, is an improved version from the previous Stable, has a Stable core, and has eliminated all known items which could cause any significant disruption, error, or loss in quality for use in production environments.

Every stable release includes rigorous automated, manual, Quality Assurance (QA) Testing and Reviews and will pass thousands of QA factors to ensure the integrity of the product.

Security Notifications

Security practices involve fast communication of important alerts.

Through our very visible product News Feed we provide details of software releases, which may include security updates.

We also recommend customers subscribe to Security Notifications, with a minimum of two contact details (which includes their email addresses).